The Environment Now was an exciting opportunity from O2’s Go Think Big in partnership with the National Youth Agency, that brought together O2’s digital expertise, sustainability leadership and commitment to young people with the NYA’s commitment to championing youth work.

The programme provided support, training and £10,000 funding grants for 50 young people aged 17-24 years to create unique digital ideas to help the environment.

The Environment Now received roughly £1million through Our Bright Future to help young people step up and own what is rightfully theirs: a healthy planet, a thriving economy and a better future.

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Our 50 Young Change Makers

The Environment Now enabled 50 young entrepreneurs to develop and progress their own digital start-up or project whilst tackling particular environmental issues. You can visit out partner site Go Think Big to see how we started out and to view more articles on our progress.

Every project was unique and we encourage you to explore them all using the links below.

You can also look back at previous articles for when NYA announced the winners of funding grants and what they hoped to use them for by clicking on the cohort headings.

Cohort 1:

Virtually There Studio @AuditChaos, LettUs Grow @lettusgrow, Filamentive @filamentive, Pipes Away! @pipesaway, Carbon Watch @carbon_watch, UtterRubbish @UtterRubbishLtd, Omni-Go @playomnigo, ThermoDrone, Smart Plugs

Cohorts 1 and 2 recently completed their ten months with #TheEnvironmentNow, hear what they thought here.

Cohort 2:

POW @POWLDN, YellowLabel @YellowLabelTech, Operation Sawdust @OpSawdust, Huxlo @Huxlo_UK, Breathing Space, #OrchGard, Aceleron

Cohorts 1 and 2 recently completed their ten months with #TheEnvironmentNow, hear what they thought here.

Cohort 3:

AQUA @ProjectAQUAYork , Bi-Pod @TBSC_limited, BlakBear @BlakBear_ , Pocket Pals @PocketPalsapp, Sensors4Bins @Sensors4b, WAE @daniel.by_design , The Eco Chef @TheEcoChef, Impact Fashion @ImpactFashionUK, Project Soteria, Auxin

Cohort 4:

SOLAIR @SOLAIRUK, Climate Edge @climateedge, Charged Up @ChargedUpWorld, Metronome, VOYAGE, Twipes @ace_twipes, Internet of Waste, A Map to Breathe

Cohort 5:

Cutting Edge @stjohnssharow, Sprout @SproutBristol, Bare Technologies @baretech, Enviro, Long Strip Wildlife @LongstripW    , Give,Sell, @GiveSellHire, MATR @MATRPURIFIER, Fruutea @fruutea, Blue Tap @Blue_Tap, GABiP, Feedr, Gomi Design @gomidesign, One Cherry @OneCherryApp, Water purification system, Gyre @Gyreapp, Pure Air Industries @AirBastion

If you want to read more about the programme and the projects, read our event booklet below that was given out on the night of our Showcase Event.

The Environment Now finished and closed down in December 2018.

If you’d like to get in contact with the team for more information about the impacts of the programme, please email us at

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The Environment Now was funded by O2 and the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund through Our Bright Future.

It was managed by the National Youth Agency.